The Extra Yard for Teachers Summit, a two-hour, fast-paced stage show, will take place on Saturday, January 6, 2018 in Atlanta, GA in conjunction with the College Football Playoff National Championship. Teachers will hear from awesome speakers and special guests who come with one mission: to honor, inspire, celebrate and empower teachers.

In addition to the Summit, we offer ANY teacher or educator free admission to the Extra Yard for Teachers Lounge in the Georgia World Congress Center. The Lounge is a come-and-go space for educators to network, be pampered, gain exposure to cool education-minded initiatives and offerings, see celebrity appearances, win giveaways, and celebrate their chosen profession.

Both the Summit and Lounge are FREE for attendees!

Extra Yard for Teachers Summit & Lounge
Saturday, January 6, 2018
Georgia World Congress Center

At this time, the Summit is sold out but Lounge tickets are still available! Click below to reserve your spot.